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    USD $0.00

    M&A Deals

    Downloadable Excel spreadsheet of M&A deals from EMIS DealWatch
    EMIS is an ISI Emerging Markets Group Company

    EMIS M&A Deals spreadsheets provide customisable, on-demand M&A and ECM deal information based on data going as far back as 2012. The price charged is based on the number of deals that match your selection criteria below. The final price is calculated at $5 per deal provided.

    The information is extracted from the EMIS DealWatch database, part of the EMIS Professional product.

    All data is presented in a tabular format and is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet. Information contained in the spreadsheet is proprietary to EMIS and is collected from reliable sources such as company press releases, advisory submissions, stock exchange disclosures, business publications, and other.

    Customising the Search Results

    By default, the most recent 50 deals are loaded in the search results for the country or region you select in the M&A Deals top menu.

    Results can be further tailored with the filters below. For a description of what each filter does, hover your mouse cursor over the respective .

    Buy deal data ($5 per deal purchased) USD 250.00 Payment methods include:

    Have a question?

    Email us at: emisstoresupport@emis.com


    Search Results

    Country / Region Market Industry code # Deals # with deal value # with EV/Sales # with EV/EBITDA # with MVE/Earnings (P/E)
    ALL M&A - 46 46 6 4 6
    ALL ECM - 4 4 3 2 3
    Total Deals Found: 50

    The Data You Will Receive

    The delivered spreadsheets contains the following data points as Excel columns, where and if available:

    • Target, Buyer and Seller name, country and industry
    • Date of deal announcement
    • Deal type (acquisition, minority, etc.) and market (M&A/ECM)
    • Deal stake
    • Deal value (in USD) and its source (official/estimate)
    • Additional deal attributes, including PE and/or VC, and indication for cross-border deals
    • Payment type (cash, shares, etc.)
    • Deal status (announced/completed)
    • Advisers to the deal parties
    • Stock exchange (for all ECM and for some M&A deals)
    • Deal multiples: EV/Sales, EV/EBITDA, MVE/Earnings (P/E) and MVE/Book Value (P/B)
    • Deal textual summary and official sources

    For a better overview of the included data points, download our Sample Deal Spreadsheet.

    Deal Criteria

    • Target location: included are deals where the domicile of the target (or the location of their substantial assets/operations) is in the respective country or region
    • Deal value: at least USD 1mn; for commercial real estate deals at least USD 5mn (Note: Deals with no value are included by default.)
    • Deal stake: at least 2%
    • Deal status: Announced or Closed
    • Exclusions: rumoured or failed deals, restructurings without change in the ultimate owner, joint ventures (unless existing tangible, non-cash assets of two or more independent parties are combined), employee offers, nationalisations, greenfield investments, non-commercial real estate deals, individual assets (unless they can be identified as separate business entities), share buy-backs for less than 5%, brands, rights, licenses and know-hows that are separate from tangible production assets


    The information provided is to the best of our knowledge and EMIS should not be liable for any omissions or inaccuracies.
    Any redistribution of this information is strictly prohibited.
    Copyright ? 2017 EMIS, all rights reserved.
    An ISI Emerging Markets Group Company.

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